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Environmental Monitoring

UbiBot ® offers a revolutionary way to monitor environmental conditions where they matter. The sensors synchronise with our UbiBot ® IoT Platform using WiFi (no expensive separate hub). You can then access your data from anywhere via smartphone or the web.

The Most Advanced Solution to Protect What You Care About

Introduction of the features of the UbiBot App

Ubibot Cloud Platform

Cloud-Based IoT Platform

Big data, analytics and visualisation help you maximize the value of IoT for your business

All-in-one IoT sensor for
Environmental Data

Stylish Design and Impressive Features

Ubibot WS1


We are on a mission to revolutionise your environmental data sensing. WS1 is the most accurate WiFi sensor device and offers real-time alerts.

Wifi Connection.
Keep track of historical data trends.
Multiple sensors work seamlessly together.
Global access to your data.
Notifications when and where you want.
Uses standard AA batteries.

WS1 Pro

The WS1 Pro has a bright and clear 4.4 inch LCD screen. This displays the current environmental conditions and shows you any alerts and notifications in real-time. 

The WS1 Pro uses world leading industrial grade sensors in order to provide accurate measurement and great performance time after time.

Setting up the WS1 Pro takes just 3 minutes and it uses WiFi or LTE data to sync your data automatically. Our App allows you to access the data via your smartphone or you can access it from any browser. 

Ubibot GS1 Probe


Industrial Grade Wireless Environmental Sensing Solution

Embedded RJ45*

To offer more stable network connection and ensure constant data synchronisation, the GS1 device is integrated with RJ45 interface*. For environments without WiFi network, the Ethernet cable offers you another option to access wireless data monitoring.

Extensive use

Built-in RS485 interface, GS1 series supports multiple probes that can be used in various industry fields (GS1-A excluded). The large and clear LCD screen supports display of the external probe readings in order when more than one probes connected. Altogether 5 probes can be connected at a time, one of each type.

Multiple use cases

With its wireless monitoring, LCD display, industrial-grade sensors and online access to data, the GS1 has been used to give peace of mind in numerous settings including central server room, agriculture management, invertory monitoring and industrial production.

Ubibot GS1 Connection

* Depending on the specific model purchased.

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