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Lab River Cloud Solutions

5 ways Lab River cloud solutions will help your business to save money and time

LAB River

Managed Azure Cloud

We enables you to create the optimal managed cloud hosting solution for your unique requirements. Only pay for what you need. Easily spin up and down cloud resources.

LAB River

Managed AWS Cloud

LAB River managed AWS cloud service provide a layer of security, guidance and data analytics to maximize the benefits of AWS cloud services. 

LAB River

Virtual desktop infrastructure

Instead of patching and troubleshooting dozens or hundreds of laptops or desktops, all with varying configurations and operating systems, the work is done on a centralized server, saving hardware, software and operations support expenses.

Lab River

Cloud Migration Services

LAB River can assist you in selecting the cloud hosting solutions that are "right-sized" for your business. We provides the "hard data" for your cloud migration. We evaluate all of the key parameters you need to review in any cloud migration project. This includes current pricing for various vendors like AWS and Azure using your precise workload and computing demands.

LAB River

Cloud Assessment Services

Our cloud assessment services operate on several fronts, from examining suitable vendors to analyzing your current technology and processes to determine what sort of an impact moving to the cloud will have on your organization

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