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Asset Tracking

One of the most complex challenges large organizations face is efficiently keeping track of critical assets while reporting real-time item disposition. It is a scenario that, without a reliable, automated asset tracking system, often increases redundancies, expenditures and labor. Asset Tracking System is a fully integrated asset locating solution that tracks and monitors assets in real-time.

Key Benefits of Asset Tracking

Sales Growth

Retail stores have shown an 8-10% sales growth from knowing what they have in real time. Using RFID technology for real time stock analysis means popular items don't run out of stock.

Quick, Precise Identicifation for Inventory

RFID allow items to be identified quickly and reliably. The speed of data capture using an RFID system is less than 5% of the time taken in a manual process.

Data Source

RFID tags have a memory chip installed allowing storage of an items: location, seriel number, manufacturer, photo, use history and even a maintenance schedule.

Live Accurate Database

Having an operational RFID based asset tracking / inventory management system, means you have a live asset database that's accurate.

Faster Distribution

The efficiency and accuracy of the selection process created by RFID management systems, means a quicker distribution time.

Reduced Labour in Logistics Management

Keeping track of your assets can be extremely labour intensive and time consuming. RFID reduces this with greater logistics control.

Improved Read Accuracy

The read accuracy of RFID is 99%+ and the speed of the process should equate to less than a couple of percent of a manual process.

Multiple Items at Once

RFID tags use radio signals to indentify an item so there's no need for line of sight. The ability to read multiple items quickly means a faster read is achieved than a manual barcode scan process.

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