A real-time location system (RTLS) is one of a number of technologies that detects the current geolocation of a target, which may be anything from a vehicle to an item in a manufacturing plant to a person. RTLS-capable products are used in an ever-increasing number of sectors including supply chain management (SCM), health care, the military, retail, recreation, and postal and courier services.

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Key Benefits of RTLS


Finding something just became a whole lot easier. Locate thousands  tags in 3D space with actionable and reliable accuracy to fit your business needs.


As items move through areas of interest, software-enabled tracking provides zone-based movement events. The life of a tagged item is tracked historically, including identification in a zone, location within the scan area, and zone movement events.

Continuous Monitoring

The same infrastructure can continuously monitor and track areas with multiple use case applications. This data gives birth to true process change over time with an easily expandable tracking technology.

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